Studio Frog

Hans Dagelet, Dirk Polak & Mick Ness

The smallest recording-studio in Amsterdam the Pijp.
No isolation or what so ever.
Just putting some microphones between tool boxes and stored camping gear in the small corridor of my studio.
Zinc soaked ground under wooden floor, rats paradise, although I didn’t hear them quarreling lately.

The Pijp, where I have a studio called “studio frog”, is a part of the borough Amsterdam-Zuid regarded as an example of 19th century revolution-build.
Built as quickly as possible, using the cheapest materials.
Each house three windows wide.

And here, in the Pijp with her very diverse population, with lots of yuppies as well as foreign immigrants (43% of the population are foreign, most of whom are non-western immigrants) and students,

We recorded Hans Dagelet his breathtaking trumpet lines for the number is called “Blues on a sentimental strut”. Dirk Polak titled this piece so. It went very well and the notes for the album are staggering rapidly.

foto Kiyomi Yui
Erector Soul Set