Mick Ness

Mick Ness (Amsterdam 1959)

Based in Amsterdam. Mick Ness started his musical career at 18 years old, influenced by groups of the late 70s such as Joy Division, The Pop Group and Vini Reilly. Together with drummer Pieter Bannenberg, who was experimenting with his self-made metal drum at the time, they put out records on independent labels like TORSO and EKSAKT.  At the beginning of the 80s Ness was one of the driving forces of the Dutch post punk movement Ultra that produced a massive amount of energetic, experimental avant-garde music.
Ness later joined Hungarian rock band Sexepil as their front man. They toured Europe and America extensively and performed as the opening act for the Sugercubes on their European tour. After leaving Sexepil in 2006 he joined the new wave band MECANO as composer and guitarist and also started to make music for film.
In 2014 Ness joined Amsterdam Post Punk band STAKBABBER with whom he regularly has gigs (for videoclips click here).
In 2017 Ness produced “Madhouse Promenade” being the first album on his own label studio frog. He performed this album as supporting act for Gary Numan’s concert in Amsterdam. In October 2018 its successor, an album based on disco beats called “DISKO” is released. Both are concept albums based on a theme that Ness deeply admires, polar expeditions of 19th and early 20th century. What makes his music distinctive is a gloomy yet positive melancholy ambient and the lyrical new wave sound which tells a story very much like a road movie.


First album Leave me your ears (1981) released by an independent label Torso in Amsterdam.

Cassette with booklet DANTE’S INFERNO/ MICK NESS (1982) released by independent label Tago Mago. Limited edition of 1500 copies. French/ English edition

De Ark (1983) released by independent label Eksakt Records in Tilburg.

1989 join Hungarian band Sexepil as their frontman (~2006).

Cassette Bi (1990) by Sexepil released by WeAST prod. Lyrics, co-composing, vocals and guitar by Mick Ness.

LP Love Jealousy Hate (1990) by Sexepil released by WeAST prod. Lyrics, co-composing, vocals and guitar by Mick Ness. Later this album is released as CD (1991) by Metronome/Polygram

Soundtracks for Dutch film Paradise Girls (2004) and Nick (2011). Both films by Dutch Chinese director Fow Pyng Hu.

The Joy Of Pop (2014) released by independent label Out Of Print Record.
Re-release of Leave me your Ears (1981)

Frontman of Dutch band Stakbabber (2014~)
Their first album Polarized (2015) released by own label. Lyrics, co-composing, vocal and guitar by Mick Ness.
The second, untitled album of Stakbabber will be released in November 2019.

2014 join Dutch New wave band Mecano unlimited as composer and guitarist.

ERCTOR SET-rebuilt by Mecano unlimited released by Out Of Print Record. Guitar, Keyboards, Drum programming and composing by Mick Ness.

Mecano Unlimited (2016) by Mecano unlimited released by Out Of Print Records. Composing, co-producing by Mick Ness

The Joy Of Live (2017) released by Out Of Print Record,  Tonefloat records.
Recorded live at Club Paradiso, Amsterdam, 28 June 2014.

Madhouse promenade (2017) released by Ness’ own label studio frog.

DISKO (2018) released by Ness’ own label studio frog.

De Ark 1983 (2019) released by Ness’ own label studio frog. This is a digital version of De Ark.

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