Artist: Mick Ness
Percussion: Pieter Bannenberg 
Label: Out Of Print Record
Format: CD, Vinyl (10″, 45RPM)
Released: 2014
Genre: Rock
Style: New Wave, Art Rock, Avangarde, Experimental

Remaster of “Leave Me Your Ear” (1981)

A1 Open room
A2 Walk On Heads
A3 Burn Me Out Again
A4 Ants
B1 Remind Of
B2 If They Had Missed Me
B3 We Are ‘In’ Moving
B4 Appointment
CD1 Open Room
CD2 Walk On Heads
CD3 Burn Me Out Again
CD4 Ants
CD5. Remind Of
CD6. If They Had Missed Me
CD7 We Are ‘In’ Moving
CD8. Appointment
CD9. Cathy Is Amusement
CD10. You In Me
CD11 Ships Full Of Rain
CD12 Too Tight